New pre-post: Computation-guided optimization of split protein systems

We’re thrilled to introduce SPORT, a computational protein design strategy for adjusting reconstitution propensity to fall into the sweet spot for your application. Congratulations to Taylor, Jon, Will, Elizabeth, Alex, and our excellent and key collaborators Srivatsan Raman and Tony Meger. This exciting and collaborative work involved a lot of hard work on both the experimental and computational efforts, and is an exciting step in split protein optimization for a wide array of applications! Check out our preprint here!

Center for Synthetic Biology Faculty work with Artist-at-Large Dario Robleto to think about how their research affects society and are featured in a video about the collaboration

Dario Robleto returns to Northwestern as the new Artist-at-Large, working with faculty all over campus to discuss the implications of their research on society and ethics. Several professors in the Center for Synthetic Biology, including Josh Leonard, Danielle Tullman-Ercek, and Julius Lucks, are featured in a video about the collaboration.

To learn more about this exciting, and thought provoking collaboration, check out the video here!

New pre-print: the COMET mammalian synthetic biology toolkit

We’re thrilled to share a new toolkit for mammalian synthetic biology: the COMET library of synthetic transcription factors, promoters, and accompanying models. Congratulations to Patrick, Joseph, Joe and Hailey and our key collaborator Neda Bagheri! This is true tour-de-force many years in the making, and we’re excited to share this with the community! Check out our preprint here, and follow some twitter discussion here.

Congrats to recent graduates!

Suchitra, Daniel, Austin, Joseph, and Amy all graduated this year with a masters!

Brandon, Vis, and Parth graduate from undergraduate programs, and Vis and Parth continue on to medical school!

Good luck to all in the next phase of their lives! We will miss you!